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 Our scientific network 

Bioxegy orchestrates and activates a set of
biomimetic skills, unique in Europe.


Biomimicry can lead to particularly ambitious R&D projects. Depending on the projects, to ensure an irreproachable quality of development, Bioxegy reinforces its organization by orchestrating and deploying cutting-edge scientific expertise.

A rich and proven universe of skills at the service of bio-inspired R&D

Bioxegy leads a powerful network of trained researchers - or confirmed experts - in biomimicry. They are biologists, chemists, computer scientists, specialists in materials science or fluid mechanics, aero-acousticians, neuroscientists, ...


In order to give you some strategic information on the links between the world of research and biomimicry, we have produced a short infographic describing a history of biomimetic innovations and some key figures on biomimicry and research!

Infographie Monde de la recherche et biomimétisme.png

What about research on biomimicry in France and around the world?

To find out more about our partner research entities


Institut Photovoltaïque d'Île-de-France (IPVF)

Formuler des pré-concepts 
biomimétiques pour les moteurs d'hélicoptères


Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle (MNHN)

A major partnership for bio-inspired innovation

To learn more about our Partner Expert Network


Portrait de chercheur : Claude Grison

Directrice de recherches à l’UMR Chimie Bio-inspirée et Innovations Écologiques et Directrice Scientifique de la société BioInspir

AUKAULOO Ally-00086519.jpeg

Portrait de chercheur : Ally Aukauloo

Professeur de chimie à l’université Paris-Saclay, Conseiller scientifique au CEA et membre senior de l’Institut Universitaire de France

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