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The main points of a new and innovative R&D method

Bioxegy-définition-page de garde_edited_
Bioxegy-définition-page de garde_edited.

Before our eyes there have always been innovative solutions to the many industrial problems of today and tomorrow, at the very heart of Nature and its ingenuity.

Indeed, 3.8 billion years of evolution have produced robust, simple and optimal solutions. For the past twenty years, these biological systems, tested by time and the constraints of a hostile, constantly changing environment have attracted growing interest from the academic and industrial spheres. The resulting bio-inspired technological solutions are applicable to all sectors of industry, from incremental or disruptive innovation.

Don't wait any longer and come and discover in more detail the issues, sectors and major trends of this new innovative R&D method that is biomimicry.

Definition, issues, sectors and trends

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Bioxegy - technologie emblématique_edited.jpg

What nature has in store for us will never cease to amaze us, let alone the bio-inspired technologies that result from it.


This technological diversity is rapidly expanding, particularly since the 2000s, and to cite just a few examples, we have put together the Top 5 emblematic technologies of biomimicry!

Emblematic technologies:
Discover our top 5

Bioxegy - analyse et potentiel du secteu
Bioxegy - Analyse du secteur - page de garde

The innovation potential of biomimicry is immense. Numerous reports and measurement indicators highlight the exponential growth of biomimicry since the 2000s in the academic and industrial worlds.


This growing interest can be explained by the relevance of biomimicry in several respects. Indeed, the environmental benefits are considerable, particularly in the fight to reduce CO2 emissions. On a socio-economic level, by 2030, biomimicry could represent nearly $425 billion per year of US GDP (i.e. 1.8%) and 2 million jobs in the United States!


To learn more about the potential of this proven and internationally recognised vector of innovation, and about Bioxegy's vision and development, click here!

Analysis & potential of the sector

Bioxegy - domaine technique d'interêt -
Bioxegy - domaine technique d'interêt -

Many technical fields such as aerodynamics, optics or even acoustics, to name just a few, are at the heart of our industries.

These essential technical areas can nevertheless be confronted with a multitude of technological barriers (technical obstacles, equipment, regulations, standards, etc.).


Discover through a wide range of examples how biomimicry manages to resolve these obstacles in numerous technical fields and thus make it possible to imagine, design and develop new and innovative bio-inspired technologies.

Technical areas of interest

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Bioxegy on BSMART

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