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Become an expert in biomimicry through our articles

Bioxegy is the design and engineering office specialising in biomimicry in France.

Biomimicry, as an innovative R&D methodology focused on performance, sustainability and sobriety, consists in taking advantage of the processes, compositions, shapes and interactions present in natural biological systems.

By exploiting these principles, biomimicry allows us to create innovative technologies that have a positive environmental impact.

If you want to discover (or rediscover!) the world of biomimicry, its history, fascinating biological facets, enriching anecdotes, etc. then our blog is made for you!

Find out below the different categories of articles:

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Discover biomimicry's origin and application to the industry, and its main protagonists!

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Their fascinating complexities made in Nature!

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The applications of biomimicry in an industrial context!

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 Discover the best innovations
by theme!


All our anecdotes about living things are hidden, each one more juicy than the last!

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Follow the development of our company and our latest interventions!

Or, quite simply, go straight to our articles!

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