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Bioxegy - équipe

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When nature's ingenuity
inspires the innovations of the future

Bioxegy's mission

Bioxegy is the French specialist in biomimicry.

This unique R&D approach consists in drawing inspiration from the ingenuity of the mechanisms and properties of nature to innovate.

Faced with contemporary industrial challenges, nature offers us 
3.8 billion years of evolution and sophistication. It is a real source of optimised and sustainable solutions, which still remains to be exploited.


Founded in 2018, Bioxegy is part of the European pioneers of this approach.

Our mission is to imagine, design and develop bio-inspired technologies for numerous industrial applications: automotive, watchmaking, energy, rail transport, infrastructure, agri-food, aeronautics and defense, luxury, etc.

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What we are looking for

Bioxonauts are explorers of the future. Curious by nature, they imagine

new technologies and set off to discover natural achievements

to solve varied and complex industrial challenges.

Bioxegy seeks daring, proactive and creative minds.
What unites the team? A healthy dose of 
ambition, a love for teamwork, a benevolent attitude, a pronounced scientific and technological appetite.
And above all, the pleasure of trying, of persevering and of succeeding (or failing for that matter).

To take part in the adventure, you can come from a major engineering school, business school, or another sector, you speak French and English fluently, and above all:

you are looking for a job with meaning and you like to think freely and differently.


Our vision

At Bioxegy, we give meaning to technological design and development. We see our team as innovators, aware of the bridges between the wisdom of nature and the challenges of the industrial world. We are idealistic in our ambitions to reconcile technology and nature, but pragmatic in our approach.

Bioxegy pays particular attention to the progression and the development of its Bioxonauts (including interns). Regular feedback points, as well as targeted training, are organised to ensure development and an increase in skills corresponding to everyone's aspirations. In addition, the collective spirit and atmosphere are essential: themed afterworks are organised regularly, and our commercial victories and anniversaries are celebrated with the whole team.

Bioxegy - travail en équipe

If you think you share this vision, join us in our quest to bring to life

a sustainable future, inspired by nature and shaped by human ingenuity.

Together, we can spread and systematise innovation through biomimicry,

and make it a common and viable response to global challenges.

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Grande Arche de la Défense
1 Parvis de la Défense
92800 Puteaux

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