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Expertise at the forefront of your technical and industrial challenges

Bioxegy- Travailler avec Bioxegy - Microscope

You wish to work with Bioxegy? In order to support the rise in maturity of a pre-concept until its industrialisation, Bioxegy has developed a pragmatic and robust R&D methodology in “4 Phases”.

Proven by our projects in all sectors, Bioxegy's R&D expertise makes it possible to support the development of tomorrow's innovations and to realise the potential of biomimicry on an industrial scale.

Our Biomimetic R&D Expertise

Bioxegy - Formation en biomimétisme - Wo
Bioxegy - Formation en biomimétisme - Wo

Developped by our engineers specialising in biomimicry, our training in bio-inspired R&D is intended for all teams involved in R&I/R&D/R&T.

In the form of an initiation and ideation workshop, we collaborate hand in hand with our clients in order to identify technical subjects/themes of interest for which biomimicry is relevant.

Thus, together we can bring out promising prospects for biomimetic technology development projects. Stay at the forefront of innovation now and shape the future of technology!

Training in Biomimicry

Bioxegy - Nos conférences sur le biomimé
Bioxegy - Formation en biomimétisme - Workshop_edited_edited.jpg

Discover the revolutionary potential of biomimicry to innovate in a sustainable and efficient manner through our captivating conferences. The aim of our conferences is to stimulate discovery, curiosity, intellectual creativity and wonder of biological prowess, but also to share our expertise in biomimetic R&D.

From the definition of biomimicry, to the presentation of biomimetic technologies responding to industrial challenges that interest our audience, embark now on the fascinating world of bio-inspired R&D. Our interventions are systematically adapted to each audience (professionals, students or the general public) and can take different formats such as a round table, a one-man show or even a conference dinner.

Our conferences on Biomimicry

Bioxegy - Travailler avec Bioxegy - Scientique et résultats
Scientist on Computer_edited_edited.jpg

With more than 80 bio-inspired R&D projects under our belt, Bioxegy supports the rise in maturity of biomimetic pre-concepts until their industrialisation.

From the improvement of helicopter engines for Safran Helicopter Engines', to the optimisation of ventilation systems for the RATP Group, including the creation of an algorithm inspired by genetics optimising the placement of sensors on the EDF network, … biomimicry has demonstrated its relevance and realised its potential.

Our Projects | Our references

Call on Our Expertise

The expertise and methodologies developped by Bioxegy ensure great future prospects in terms of innovation and resolution of technical problems through a fresh and unique perspective that is rooted in nature and its ingenuity. So don't wait any longer:

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