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Our profession

Bioxegy, expert in biomimicry

Boost your R&D
thanks to biomimicry.

Bureau d’études et d’ingénierie pionnier dans le biomimétisme, Bioxegy imagine, conçoit et développe
des technologies bio-inspirées avec les équipes R&D ou innovation de ses clients.

Bioxegy Biomimétisme

Working together with your R&D departments

Alongside your teams, we draw on the sophistication and performance of the techniques and functions of living organisms to shape and develop impactful bio-inspired innovations and transform your technologies and processes.

Concretely : 

We determine with you the parameterised problems or industrial challenges.

We identify, analyse and select Biological Reference Systems (BRS), mechanisms or candidate biological models likely to provide a solution to the challenges posed.

We transpose candidate Biological Systems into viable technological applications : in close collaboration with your teams, we design and develop biomimetic technologies responding to the initial problem.

The radius of action of our profession

Bioxegy operates in all areas of industrial applications (automotive, aerospace, energy, etc.), with large groups, mid-sized companies and SMEs in France and in Europe.


A real breeding ground for solutions, nature constitutes a rich and proven know-how, responding to the vast majority of industrial challenges, from mass reduction to hydrodynamics, including process automation and optimisation.

A proven transdisciplinary profession

To offer you impactful biomimetic R&D projects, we rely on a multidisciplinary, rhythmic, pragmatic approach to innovation that is close to your realities.

Our business revolves around 3 complementary axes for the development of bio-inspired concepts: 

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Design and Development of biomimetic technologies

Biomimetic studies and techniques

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Identification and study of biological mechanisms

Reverse engineering : Biomimetic transposition

Analytical and

numerical studies

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Conception (CAD)

Simulations (FEM, CFD, DTS…)

Formulation and optimisation of concepts

Feasibility study : technical, financial, industrial

Analytical or semi-analytical modelisation and resolution

Algorithm development

Experimental studies


Formulation: Experimental plans & protocols

Tests management and monitoring

Analysis of 

experimental results

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Innovation management

Management of the development of concepts

Innovation strategy consulting: 
Industrial market study, development plan

Tripartite project coordination

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Training in bio-inspired R&D

Introductory conferences on the biomimetic approach for R&D

Biomimetic initiation and ideation workshop

Identification of opportunities and areas of relevance

Project teams comprising different professions tailor-made to materialise the ambition of biomimicry

They imagine and adjust the format of the projects and missions, ensure optimal deployment of our expertise and impactful innovation management.

Bioxegy completes its system by relying on a vast network of experts and laboratories operating at the heart of our biomimetic innovation projects.


Our Specialists &



Project directors & Managers



Engineers &


They carry out the research process in order to identify and establish links with biological models (BRS-TRS), and meet with specialists.

They carry out biomimetic reverse engineering,
design, test and implement bio-inspired innovations, in contact with your teams.

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Bioxegy democratises biomimicry and 

deploys cutting-edge R&D/R&I projects

Each project is unique, biomimicry is carrying the promise of new and powerful prisms of resolution and creativity for a wide range of actors, all sectors combined. Since its creation, Bioxegy has carried out more than 80 projects of biomimetic R&D.

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They dared to try biomimicry and trust us! 

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