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 Our vision 

Biomimicry, a bridge between technology and nature.

Biomimicry, an R&D tool

Welcome to Bioxegy, where the ingenuity of nature inspires sustainable technological innovations.

We firmly believe that biomimicry is the ideal tool for reconciling humanity with nature, innovating in a constantly evolving world and developing sustainable technologies in the face of global challenges.

Because it draws on the wisdom and intelligence of living know-how, biomimicry is the tool with the most potential to allow companies to imagine their future.

The billions of years of R&D carried out by nature in a constrained environment, with limited resources, make it an effective, but also durable, and often very elegant tool.

Bioxegy - notre vision- Le biomimétisme un outil de R&D

Bioxegy, reference in biomimicry

Bioxegy is the central player in this biomimetic revolution. Our goal is to spread and systematise innovation through biomimicry. We bring biomimicry to life, taking it from a concept to the material world, and having a real and measurable impact. Our mission is to help all types of players that are ready to innovate with a strong environmental and social conscience. We are idealistic in our ambitions to reconcile technology and nature, but pragmatic in our approach.

At Bioxegy, the ingenuity of nature becomes a source of tangible innovation.

Our unique expertise is based on a
harmonious fusion of technical and biological knowledge. We use the most modern tools, from our biomimetic database to cutting-edge simulation tools, supported by high-level academic and technical partnerships.

To become our partner and make biomimicry a reality in your field, contact us!

As a world reference in the integration of biomimicry into industry, our ambition goes beyond technical studies: we also develop our own first-rate biomimetic technologies, surpassing their conventional equivalents in performance and durability.

Bioxegy-notre vision- développement de nouvelles technologies

Giving meaning to inventors and creators

At Bioxegy, we give meaning to imagination, to design and technological development . We see our team as enlightened innovators, bridges between the shores of nature's wisdom and those of the challenges of the industrial world.

Our bioxonauts, the members of the Bioxegy team , come from diverse backgrounds and training, to work on projects in a wide variety of scientific, technical and industrial fields . Their skills, ranging from coding to biology, chemistry, fluid dynamics, thermal engineering, etc., can be fully expressed and meaningful in the projects we carry out for French and European manufacturers.

If you think you share this vision, join us in our quest to bring to life a sustainable future, inspired by nature and shaped by human genius. Together, we can spread and systematise innovation through biomimicry, and make it a common and viable response to global challenges.

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