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Biens industriels Bioxegy Biomimétisme

Biomimicry and industrial goods: responding to B2B challenges

Industrial goods, invisible to the general public, are essential. Present in all sectors, they have a considerable impact. This is particularly the case in the manufacturing industries, which in France generates a turnover of more than 1,000 billion euros for an added value close to 10% of GDP.


Faced with an always growing need for accuracy, a demand for automation and digitisation of industries, as well as the development and arrival of new manufacturing techniques (additive manufacturing, laser processing, lithography, etc.), the sector has a perpetual need to evolve and adapt.


The environmental issues are also a major current and future challenge for manufacturers, and therefore for their partners. The production process often representing a large part of the environmental impact of finished products, they are not to be neglected to reduce the pollution generated by them. In particular, a reduction in the use of water or chemicals as well as the use of cleaner and more energy-efficient technologies is in strong demand among all industrial players.


Biomimicry is a research and development approach that consists of drawing inspiration from the ingenuity of living organisms to meet the needs of industries. It is very relevant to help the industry make a sustainable transition and improve its performances!

With its cross-functional experience, Bioxegy presents the biomimetic opportunities for tomorrow's industrial goods.

abeilles industrie Bioxegy biomimétisme.jpg

The problems encountered by the different species in nature are like those encountered in industry, extremely diverse.

Nature has thus developed a pool of technical solutions that are not only effective but also sober and economical in resources.

The living being is, moreover, a master in the art of organising and optimising processes.

Bioxegy, a French and European expert in biomimicry, presents how bio-inspired R&D enables innovation in the industry.

Below, a set of technical fields particularly relevant for industrial goods, which biomimicry knows how to perfectly satisfy:

robot industriel Bioxegy biomimétisme icons8.png
imprimante 3D Bioxegy biomimétisme icons8.png
énergie électricité Bioxegy biomimétisme icons8.png
vibration acoustique tribologie Bioxegy biomimétisme icons8.png
mur matériaux Bioxegy biomimétisme icons8.png
lightweight design Bioxegy biomimétisme icons8.png

Lightweight designs

Materials and structures

NVH & Tribology

Energy efficiency

Additive manufacturing

Sensors, Optics


Biomimicry for the industrial goods sector: how nature inspires R&D for the production of tomorrow


Biomimicry, structures and materials: the winning bet of lightweight design


Biomimicry, detection and information processing: shaping the embedded systems of the future


Biomimicry & NVH: improve noise and vibration mitigation technologies


Biomimicry & tribology:
a promising technological duo

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