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Biomimicry: nature, industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things

Industry 4.0 constitutes the 4th industrial revolution, and is based on the IoT (Internet Of Things). It consists of connecting technologies to reorganise global production. The Industry 4.0 market has been valued at $115 billion in 2021 and could achieve $377 billion by 2029!


Our industries are inseparable from our societies, because they are the ones that produce the majority of goods consumed today. Facing the emergence of the digital industry and the consumer's desire for personalised products, they must adapt to stay competitive.


Like every revolution, Industry 4.0 comes with its own set of societal and  environmental challenges. Among these challenges, ecological risks are the most concerning. For example, emissions related to the French industry represent in France nearly 20% of greenhouse gas emissions of the country, and the digital sector represents 2% (7% estimated by 2040).


Increase in the flow of data to be processed, new real/digital world interfaces, new means of communication between the various actors, ... How to link industry 4.0 and sustainability? Biomimicry is a relevant and versatile approach to provide a solution.

Biomimicry and Industry 4.0 :
Bioxegy shows you how biomimicry can reimagine the industry of the future


Nature and ecosystems as a whole are high-performing systems with a variety of actors. Within ecosystems, a large number of living beings are in constant contact with each other, like the various players in our industries.


It is thus possible to draw inspiration from nature at the level of living organisms, but also of ecosystems and behaviors.


For example, social animals communicate effectively and can solve complex problems simply. Finally, some insects feed on biological waste emitted by other living beings, which can inspire waste recycling solutions.


As an expert in biomimetic innovation in France and  Europe, Bioxegy shows you how bio-inspired R&D is a major asset in terms of innovation for Industry 4.0, thanks to a set of particularly suitable biomimetic application possibilities. Here are some examples:


In Industry 4.0, the axes of biomimetic interest apply
to the following issues:

robot industriel Bioxegy biomimétisme icons8.png



Energy saving


and optical

Flow management and optimisation




Biomimicry and Industry 4.0:
presentation of some promising fields of application

Testimonials & Projects

Biomimétisme Impression 3D Secteur.jpg

Biomimicry & 3D printing



Biomimicry, detection and information processing: 
shaping the embedded systems of the future


By working with a consortium of leading French players in mobility and IoT, Bioxegy has studied topics such as long-range obstacle detection:

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