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Biomimicry & Luxury:
a marriage of convenience

Composing between respect for tradition and modernity: here is the challenge of luxury actors . To stay up to date, brands in the sector must find the right recipes for subtly go beyond their achievements and adapt to new trends.


The luxury sector market is turned upside down: the age of customers is decreasing, and the center of gravity of consumption is shifting towards Asia.

The trends are clear: consumer aspiration for more naturalness, multiplication of local and transparent manufacturing and sourcing targets, social and environmental responsibility going beyond the stage of greenwashing, simplification of the product range, use of emerging and innovative technologies, and increasing personalization.


More responsive and less processed, new players are showing themselves to be very responsive to the evolution of these needs, while being equipped with evolving and up-to-date marketing.

To attract the clientele and to persist in the face of the emergence of new models, the luxury sector can no longer settle for recycling the usual properties of products or rely solely on  the digitization of its sales cycle.

New horizons for innovation must be found.

Biomimicry and luxury :
With its experience in the sector, Bioxegy reveals how biomimicry can concretely help to meet future challenges. 

The technical challenges are numerous: the consumer still expects as much durability and reliability, particularly for accessories such as watches, jewelery and bags: fasteners, fixings and mechanisms are particularly concerned.

Obviously, the cross-cutting trend is above all  sustainability. It gives pride of place to the development of materials and manufacturing processes. The objective is two-fold: eco-design of products (textiles, leather, packaging) and functionality: ergonomics, aesthetics and resistance (to abrasion for example). 

How to innovate and progress on these themes? How to communicate effectively with your audience ?  Biomimicry is an undeniable guarantee of success.

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Because it must ensure the survival of millions of species in constrained environments, nature must find solutions and approaches combining liveliness and resistance, while ensuring parsimony and finesse in principle. The result is properties of elegance and intelligence that command respect. 

An unprecedented know-how which constitutes a model of choice for luxury players, who are distinguished precisely by the will to ensure delicacy, lightness and durability of their products. 

Design and Engineering Office specialist in biomimicry in Europe, Bioxegy now contributes daily to the development of biomimicry in the luxury sector, by launching numerous bio-inspired innovation projects alongside its partners.
Below, discover a selection of areas of relevance of biomimicry in luxury.

In the automotive sector, the areas of interest biomimetic shall apply
to the following issues:


Light, Resistant and Functional Materials


Vibration (NVH)

Sealing and

Fasteners, Fasteners,
Junctions and


Actuations and



Aesthetics, Colors, Optics et
Ergonomics (+ Design)

Miscellaneous Domains :
Eco conception,
Soft Chemistry

Biomimicry and luxury:
list of relevant axes and application subjects 

Testimonials & Projects

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