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Biomimicry in healthcare: pushing the limits of an essential industry

In 2017, 4 out of 10 new drugs were of biological origin: an increasing trend.


The health and pharmaceutical industry is booming. Since the health crisis in 2020, now more than ever, it has been the center of attention.

A multiplication of technological developments coupled with a continuous transformation of the requirements of all actors in the chain, make it a sector in rapid change.

A challenge for actors in the field who must therefore innovate creatively and intensively to position themselves ahead of the curve and conquer new markets.

Biomimicry, health and pharmaceuticals :
Bioxegy shows you to what extent biomimicry is an ideal approach for innovation in this sector.

The healthcare and pharmaceutical industry value chain is vast and the challenges are numerous.

Biotechnologies open up new perspectives.

In terms of active ingredients, innovation is intense in oncology, dermatology, treatments against infectious or chronic diseases, etc.

And players in the sector must also diversify and position themselves in the fields of detection, handling or processing, or logistics and all its related challenges: packaging, micro-packaging, flow optimising, data and information storage.

How to think about more impactful innovation? How to compete in ingenuity? Biomimicry is the answer of choice. Explanations.

Biomimétisme Santé Défis.jpg
Biomimétisme Santé Technologie.jpg

Biodiversity is full of species with sophisticated strategies and mechanisms that have tried an tested for 3.8 billion years. Nature has been able to ensure the survival of millions of species in the face of their environment while guaranteeing their physiological functioning. And all this with strict parsimony and circularity of resources.

It thus offers us many lessons in terms of precision, efficiency, robustness and durability. By granting all the agility of human engineering, biomimicry can open the way to unprecedented technological developments for the health sector.

Specialist in biomimicry, Bioxegy presents below a list of particularly interesting biomimetic areas.

In the health and pharmaceutical sector, biomimicry is of great interest for the following subjects:


Functional Materials,
Light, Flexible and Robust Structures


Heat Resistance



Biocompatibility, Drug Delivery


Design of
Systems (micro-


Miscellaneous areas:
Comfort, Apprehension, Logistics

Biomimicry, health and pharmaceuticals:
overview of relevant application cases

Reference Projects

Biomimétisme Santé Oncologie.png

Biomimétisme & oncologie : améliorer les outils de diagnostic

Biomimétisme Santé Packaging.jpg

Biomimétisme & matériaux : administrer grâce au micro-packaging

Biomimétisme Santé Chirurgie Robotique.j

Biomimétisme & matériaux : concevoir des outils d'intervention innovants et fiables


Biomimétisme & tribologie :
un duo technologique prometteur

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