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Imagining tomorrow's defense: biomimicry, a major strategic and industrial asset

In France in 2020, nearly 5.5 billion euros were devoted to defense R&D. In the country, as elsewhere, it is a sector that remains at the center of attention, as it guarantees the sovereignty of states and international stability. Players in the field must remain at the forefront of innovation and creativity.


With the multiplication of operation's locations and the intensification of threats to international stability, exacerbated by marked competition between regional powers, the need to transform and modernise armies is constant.

Whatever their role in the value chain, defense sector players must adopt bold and exploratory R&D approaches to stay at the forefront of anticipation and industrial competitiveness. 


Land, naval or air equipment is constantly evolving and adapting to the emergence of new needs. They must be integrated into constrained environments while offering flexibility and robustness. Innovation is an essential factor for survival in this demanding and strategic market. 

Biomimicry and defense :
Drawing on its experience in the field, Bioxegy shows you why biomimicry is an instrument of choice for the sector.

Lightweight design, shielding, acoustic, thermal and optical stealth, tribology, aerodynamics, information detection and processing, motorisation: there are many technical challenges for defense players.

What new avenues and technological solutions can biomimicry bring?

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Constantly confronted with hostile and constrained environments as well as relentless predation phenomena, animal and plant species have developped particularly sophisticated biological functions, techniques and tactics to hunt, move around, locate prey and neutralise it; or conversely to defend or camouflage themselves, trick others, hide their presence, resist aggression and strike back.

French and European expert in biomimicry, Bioxegy relies on its experience in the field to show you how bio-inspired R&D is a major asset in terms of innovation. Below are some particularly relevant biomimetic perspectives.

The contributions of biomimicry in defense concern
the following areas:


Smart materials
and resistant structures
and impact absorption

Acoustic, thermal
or visual stealth

Resistance to
Heat or Cold

Detection, optical 




Network design

Miscellaneous Areas:
energy storage, chemicals, etc.

Biomimicry and defense:
an overview of our promising

& Projects

Biomimétisme Acoustique Bruit

Biomimicry & NVHimprove noise and vibration mitigation technologies

Biomimétisme Structures Lighweight Desig

Biomimicry, structures and materials: le  winning bet of lightweight design

Biomimétisme Tribologie Article.png

Biomimicry & tribology:
a promising technological duo

Biomimétisme Détection Information Artic

Biomimicry, sensing and information processingshaping the embedded systems of the future

Biomimétisme Abrasion Corrosion Résistan

Biomimicry to cope with the elements (abrasion, erosion, oxidation)

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