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Bio-inspired R&D training

Boost your innovation thanks to Bioxegy and its expertise in biomimicry

Boost your R&D
thanks to biomimicry.

Call on our expertise in bio-inspired R&D to train your teams in disruptive innovation and identify key development topics. Bioxegy offers a unique type of training in the form of a Workshop with your teams of R&D, R&I, R&T…

You are on the page describing our training offer dedicated to businesses. To answer your questions about biomimicry training dedicated to the general public or students, please refer to this article:  Biomimicry Studies

Training in bio-inspired R&D: Biomimetic initiation and ideation workshop

Thanks to our engineers specialised in biomimicry, design and develop technologies inspired by the ingenuity of nature;

A unique opportunity to identify solutions and design bio-inspired technologies to stay at the forefront of innovation;

Jointly identify opportunities for innovation and development to resolve your industrial technical challenges ;

Bioxegy intervenes with a wide variety of sectors and on all business value chains.

Bioxegy has developed a targeted training methodology demonstrating the opportunities of biomimicry for our partners. The objective is to provide a precise look thanks to bio-inspiration, to stimulate and bring out project opportunities and finally to include them in operational realities.

We offer you a 
training in 4 steps which makes it possible to lead to a selection of technical subjects for future collaboration around a technical development project correlated to your priority R&D needs. Phase 0
Biomimetic initiation and ideation workshop, therefore allows to initiate our biomimetic R&D / R&I process from Phase 1 to 4.

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Bio-inspired R&D training: Why ?

Biomimicry is a R&D methodology which requires specific knowledge and skills. As specialists, Bioxegy therefore offers training in biomimicry in order to: 

Identify the most pertinent subjects for a bio-inspired innovation project;

Define the interests (technical, economical, environmental) of biomimicry for your industrial challenges;

Develop various perspectives of projects, technological developments meeting your challenges. 

Bio-inspired R&D training: for whom ?

The targeted training methodology developed by Bioxegy is aimed at all of your teams involved in R&I / R&D / R&T

R&D / R&T / R&I engineer ;

Technical expert ;

Innovation / R&D / R&T project manager;

Product architect;

Innovation / R&D director / manager ;

Open Innovation Manager;

Sustainable development manager;

Bio-inspired R&D training:  how does it work?

Training in 4 stages: from a technical theme to a development project

Stage 1

Technical & industrial framework

Select & frame the study subjects

Bioxegy x partner

Bioxegy - formation en biomimétisme - cadrer sujet.HEIC

Stage 2

Biological and biomimetic investigations

In-house study and investigation work


Bioxegy - formation en biomimétisme - investigations.png

Stage 3


Ideation Workshop & Selection of priority innovation opportunities

Bioxegy x partner

Bioxegy - Formation en biomimétisme - Pour qui.jpg

Stage 4

Project outlook formulation

Development project proposals


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