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Your expert in biomimicry.

Design and develop technologies inspired by nature's most ingenious know-hows,
thanks to our biomimetic engineers.

Ingénieurs biomiméticiens

Boost your R&D
thanks to biomimicry.

Biomimicry provides sophisticated and effective solutions to your technical challenges and ambitions.

Bioxegy imagines, designs and develops
intelligent and sustainable bio-inspired technologies to meet your innovation objectives.

We deliver an impactful and proven expertise in biomimicry.

Working alongside your R&D and innovation teams, our biomimetic engineers draw inspiration from nature's most ingenious mechanisms, properties and functions.

Bioxegy is one of the international pioneers of this powerful and promising engineering field.


Join the European companies who have opted for biomimicry with Bioxegy!


Logos de Partenaires Bioxegy


Logos de Partenaires Bioxegy

Space & Defence

Logos de Partenaires Bioxegy

Energy & Environment

Logos de Partenaires Bioxegy

Consumer Goods

Logos de Partenaires Bioxegy

Chemicals & Industry

Logos de Partenaires Bioxegy

Transports & Logistics

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Luxury Goods

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Construction & Infrastr.

Logos de Partenaires Bioxegy

Already more than 100 biomimetic R&D projects successfully led!

Testimonies of our partners

Bioxegy - Témoignage - Logo Dassault_edi
Bioxegy - Témoignage - Nicolas Héron

Nicolas Héron
R&I Senior Program Manager

Bioxegy has generated highly relevant bio-inspired pre-concepts for our industrial applications, even in challenging industrial environments. 


We are convinced that Biomimicry is a promising approach, particularly when correlated with credible technical know-how, that is appreciated in-house!

Bioxegy - Témoignage - Logo Schneider El
Bioxegy - Témoignage - Christophe Prévé_

Christophe Prévé

Chief Technological Officer

Bioxegy's biomimetic experts addressed three of our technical challenges with clever bio-inspired concepts, that precisely answered our objectives.


We highly recommend Bioxegy's strong and innovative expertise in bio-inspired R&D. We still continue mobilising their expertise on a regular basis !

Bioxegy - Témoignage - Logo Verallia_edi
Bioxegy - Témoignage - Corinne Payen_edi

Corinne Payen
R&D Director

Bioxegy experts deliver a rigorous and creative know-how, which has quickly enabled us to design viable bio-inspired technological concepts.

Given this very successful joint partnership, that still thrives today and that has entirely met our expectations, we can only recommend Bioxegy’s expertise!

Our innovative expertise is internationally appraised

Top 5 biomimicry experts worldwide
StartUs 2020

Bioxegy - Top 5 start-up biomimétique mondiale - Startus

1st national prize for industrial innovation

Prix Galilé 2019

Prix Startup industrielle ministre_edite

Top 35 Startups
GreenTech Europe

Best Startups 

Bioxegy - Prix - Best Startups Europe_ed

Laureate France 2030
Techinnov France

Bioxegy - Prix - Concours Techinnov Fran

Bioxegy and biomimicry in the media

Logos de Partenaires Bioxegy

when Nature's ingenuity
inspires the innovations of the future.

How can we not be amazed at the impressive sophistication of living know-how?

With Bioxegy, we wanted to materialise the promise of biomimicry to shape a tangible and impactful expertise. Today, Bioxegy has become the French expert in biomimicry.

Our teams draw daily on a virtually infinite pool of highly sophisticated biological prowess to design new technologies with our French and European partners. Alongside them, we are paving the way towards progress that combines biology and engineering. A deeply differentiating and sustainable perspective.

In the face of today's technological challenges, Nature offers us the best evidence of all: 3.8 billion years of R&D.
It is helping us change the game.

Sidney & Simon,
Two enthusiasts.


Sidney et Simon - fondateurs de Bioxegy - Biomimétisme
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