Explore a whole new universe of innovation through the living.


Bioxegy is France's leading biomimicry specialist.

Together with your R&D teams, we imagine, design and develop innovations inspired by nature's ingenuity and witty know-how:

We draw on the ingenuity of the mechanisms, properties and functions of the living world to shape new and sustainable technologies.

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Already more than 40 bio-inspired R&D projects
accompanied by Bioxegy

To Safran biomimicry is a promising R&D lever.

Alongside Bioxegy's teams, who are relevant and serious in their work, we have opted for this path of bio-inspired R&D.

This brand new opportunity of biomimetic innovation stimulates our experts and businesses. We see real competitive and sustainable technological potential in this.

François Caruel
Vice President R&D / R&T
Safran Landing Systems

An internationally recognized expertise in biomimicry

Winner of the Galilé national industrial innovation competition

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World top 5 biomimicry startups

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2021 Official Selection
World Expo ChangeNow

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Bioxegy and biomimicry in the medias

Biomimicry: when Nature's ingenuity inspires the innovations of the future.

How can we not marvel at the impressive sophistication of living know-how?

With Bioxegy, we wanted to materialize the promise of biomimicry to shape a tangible and impactful expertise. Today, Bioxegy has become the French expert in biomimicry.

Our teams draw daily on a virtually infinite pool of highy sophisticated biological prowess to design new technologies with our French and European partners. Alongside them, we are paving the way towards progress that combines biology and engineering. A deeply differentiating and sustainable perspective.

In the face of today's technological challenges, Nature offers us the best evidence of all: 3.8 billion years of R&D. It is helping us change the game.


Sidney & Simon,
Two enthusiasts.

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