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 Bioxegy : 

Pioneering biomimicry
in France.

Bioxegy relies on multidisciplinarity and
top-notch expertise
to launch successful biomimicry projects with you R&D teams.

Convinced of the relevance and the opportunity of biomimicry, we created the first research and engineering office specializing in the field in France.

They imagine and adjust the format of the projects and missions, ensure optimal deployment of our expertise and impactful innovation management.

Bioxegy completes its system by relying on a vast network of experts and laboratories operating at the heart of our biomimetic innovation projects.


Notre Réseau de Spécialistes et d'Experts

Directeurs de
Projet &



Ingénieurs &

They carry out the research process in order to identify and establish links with biological models (SBR-STR), and meet with specialists.

They carry out biomimetic retro-engineering,
design, test and implement bio-inspired innovations, in contact with your teams.

Bioxegy democratizes biomimicry and deploys cutting-edge R&D / R&I projects.

Each project is unique, and biomimicry is carrying the promise of new and result-oriented powerhouse of solutions and ideas.

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