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Biomimicry at the service of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence, versatile and capable of handling complex tasks, is revolutionising all sectors. The volume of the global AI market represents $15 billion in 2021, but will possibly reach $72.5 billion in 2025.


We find AI everywhere around us: voice or image recognition software, improvement of user recommendations, cybersecurity, autonomous cars, management of smart grids, etc.


Whether in terms of ethics or energy efficiency, the question of storing data dedicated to artificial intelligence algorithms is a growing issue. Managing this astronomical amount of information requires new processes and innovative infrastructures in order to make artificial intelligence sustainable. With this comes the issue of their use: who has access to them, and for what purpose? This involves technical cybersecurity issues to ensure their correct use.

Biomimicry and artificial intelligence:
Bioxegy explains to you how biomimicry is omnipresent in AI


The very principle of artificial intelligence comes from biomimicry: the gargantuan calculation capacity and the ease with which the brain processes complex and varied tasks can only make even the most sophisticated microprocessors jealous!


Cerebral plasticity, particularly in children, is for example an extremely interesting avenue for the design of a versatile and scalable algorithm. Furthermore, there is a plethora of bio-inspired algorithms, taking as a model the gregarious behavior of animals or insects, but also the intricate organisation of networks of plants and fungi in ecosystems.


French and European expert in biomimicry, Bioxegy provides you with its analyses to explain how bio-inspired R&D is a major asset in terms of innovation. Below, a batch of particularly relevant biomimetic perspectives.

In AI, biomimetic areas of interest apply
to the following issues:

robot industriel Bioxegy biomimétisme icons8.png



Energy saving


and optics

Flow management and optimisation



Biomimicry and artificial intelligence:
presentation of some promising areas of application

Testimonials & Projects

Biomimétisme Impression 3D Secteur.jpg

Biomimétisme & impression 3D



Biomimétisme, détection et traitement de l'information : façonner les systèmes embarqués du futur


By working with a consortium of leading French players in mobility and IoT, Bioxegy has studied issues linked to artificial intelligence:

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